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Accessories - Parts - Inserts Safer Bio-fuel case (1) 4 liter jug

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Safer Bio-fuel case (1) 4 liter jug
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SAFER-BIO-FUEL™ is a revolutionary new type of fuel for flue less fireplaces. It is non-flammable which makes it ultra-safe when handling and burning; but it is combustible and burns safely and efficiently. SAFER-BIO-FUEL™ is clean burning, non-toxic, and produces no soot, no smoke, no toxins and there is no residue left behind. It's a sustainable, renewable, planet friendly fuel?and totally green. SAFER-BIO-FUEL™, it's the safer fuel for the future of flue less fireplaces.

Product : High quality of bio-fuel
Tested : Yes
EAN Code : 0799975077079

SAFER-BIO-FUEL™ requires a wicked burner. Make sure to have the correct burner before purchasing or add the special fiberglass batting to burn this type of fuel. If you want to use the SAFER-BIO-FUEL™ in your existing Bio-Blaze® fireplace, you will need to upgrade your burner. We offer the conversion kit that can fit in each burner.

SAFER-BIO-FUEL™ provides a safer alternative and longer burn time than ethanol fuels (much slower to light). It is uniquely NON-FLAMMABLE (flash point 93° C - 200° F) providing ultra-safe handling. You can safely pour the fuel onto a burning flame, it will only put the fire out!
SAFER-BIO-FUEL™ has no special storage requirements and is a great clean-burning alternative to ethanol.