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Nantucket Trellis
Nantucket Trellis
Nantucket Trellis
Nantucket Trellis
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Nantucket Trellis
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What better way to enhance your outdoors than to conveniently celebrate the beauty of the flowers by giving them a nesting space. Dress up the ordinary into the extraordinary with this gorgeous Nantucket garden trellis.

This product comes with a 20 year warranty against yellowing, warping and cracking. Wood will rot away, and wrought iron will rust and burn plants when the sun shines down on the black metal. Vinyl is strong and durable, so you can cultivate plant growth on your trellis without having to worry about rotting, painting, or burnt plants.

Assembly difficulty: Low

Posts: 3.5 x 3.5

Color: White

Number of Boxes: 2

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